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Hands-on History 2019 Camps Feature Three New Themes

Golden History Museum & Park announces the return of their popular Hands-on History summer camp featuring three new, half-day themes for kids aged 6 to 11. The seven camp themes for 6- to 12-year-olds include: Dirty Jobs, Pioneer Kids, History…

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Let’s Go Play in the Snow!

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of snowshoeing seemed to be reserved for nutty people that thought a hike in the cold and snow is somehow a great idea. Load up on your winter clothing, strap something similar to over-sized tennis rackets to…

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Golden in 2019

Ahh Golden… With its stunning mesas, scenic trails, and western culture, no city in the Colorado is quite like it. Kinda makes you want to see it all. For this list, we break down the “top ten places to go in Golden” in 2019. Watch the Video 10)…

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