Think about the last time your mailbox brought you joy. That last moment when you were aimlessly sifting through a stack of bills, magazines and junk mail to find the unexpected corner of a brightly colored envelope peeking out.

 Chances are it’s been awhile. Or it only happens once or twice a year on your birthday or major holidays. But the result is always the same, a swell of sweet anticipation as you slide your thumb under the flap of the envelope to release the magic hiding within.


“But do people even send cards anymore?”

This question comes up at least once a week at the Marrygrams Boutique, and while it’s true that the number of people sending first class mail has declined significantly in the last few years, there are still plenty of people who delight in the lost art of letter writing.

And it’s an easier habit to start than you might think! With a few easy tips (and a visit to the card wall at the Marrygrams Boutique!) you’ll be tapping into a more pure form of communication in no time.

6 Tips for Writing the Perfect Handwritten Letter

Marrygrams Card - keep on the sunny sideChoose the Right Card

Now, it’s no secret that all of us at Marrygrams love letters of all kinds. Even the ones scrawled on the back of old utility bills. But if your mission is to make somebody’s day, the right card choice can make all the difference. So take some time at your local stationery shop (*hint*hint*) and make a thoughtful selection. The perfect card is waiting to inspire you.

Don’t Overthink It

You don’t have to write the next great American novel, you just have to write something honest and heartfelt. A simple card with a few lines of appreciation or friendship are literally all it takes to turn somebody’s day completely around. So release your expectations and any pressure you may be feeling and just write. You’ll know what to say.

The Best Occasion is No Occasion

While everybody loves the rainbow week of mail that is their birthday, true stationery junkies know that the best time to receive a letter is by surprise. So try to keep your spontaneous correspondence a secret if you can, it will make the reveal all the more special.

Form New, Positive Habits

Now, you probably shouldn’t write letters with the sole intention of receiving letters. But that is one of the lovely perks of striking up a pen-palship with someone you’ve been missing. More often than not, if you send a letter out, you’ll get one in return. That is the magic of the mailbox! Whether you continue the tradition from there is up to you.

Marrygrams boutiqueRelease Anxiety

Countless studies have proven that writing your feelings down has calming effects on your mind. So consider letter writing the cheapest form of therapy and leave it all on the page. You’ll feel better after writing and your friend will feel better after reading. Everyone benefits!

Support Local Business

You can also feel great knowing that when you shop from a local stationer, you are supporting somebody’s dream. Each card in the Marrygrams Boutique is handmade with love by an actual human being who took the time to design, craft and sell a little piece of themselves. And when you support local businesses you ensure that the very spirit of your community stays healthy and vibrant. What’s not to love?

So stop by the shop and pick out a card (or two, or three!)