EPIC Golden Scavenger Hunt: Golden’s Journey from Gold

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Coloradoʼs “last flat place” before the Rocky Mountains plays a pivotal role in the history of the west. In 1859, gold was found in Clear Creek, which runs through Golden and into the mountains. Miners and prospectors followed it up into the Rockies, eventually finding larger deposits. Golden became a commercial and agricultural center for those heading out into the mountains to stock up. Before Colorado was a state, it was the capital of the territory. Today, itʼs home to Coors Brewing Company, the Colorado School of Mines, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and is somewhat of a hub for green industries.

On this hunt, youʼll learn about Goldenʼs rich past, green future, and why itʼs one of Coloradoʼs most historical towns.

You can do at any this interactive scavenger hunt at any time. Explore the history of Golden.

What you'll see: Colorado School of Mines, The Jolly Rancher candy site, and Goldenʼs post office