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Foothills at Home: Free Virtual Painting with Janet Nunn

Location & Contact Information


Link for help with watching on Facebook live.

Or watch on their YouTube channel after it is over.


What you’ll need:

  • Water - A glass of water is what watercolor uses to make the paint flow,

  • Paper cut to 5 x 7 in - Try to find 3 pieces of watercolor paper. You can use a notecard, 140 lb paper, 300 lb paper. Most any size of watercolor will work.

  • Watercolor paint - I love to paint with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Watercolor Paints (they are 50% off right now). You can use your watercolors you have, and a few folks might be able to use their acrylic paints.

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Tape - Masking tape, scotch tape, and artist tape

  • Water mister - You can splatter water with your hands if you don’t have a mister

  • Ruler

  • Plastic card - A credit card, mat board, or piece of balsa wood

  • Sharpie or any permanent marker

  • Tray - a plastic or paper plate

  • Paper Towels or tissue