Goddess Girls Yoga: Rainbow Energetics

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Ever wonder why you get a frog in your throat when you have something important to say? Or why you
slouch when you’re not feeling confident? Or why you trip and fall when you aren’t paying attention to your
surroundings? You will be introduced to the spinning energy wheels found in our bodies called Chakras, and
you will get all the answers you need!

We will:
+ EXPLORE the Chakra series, devoting a week per chakra, from foot to head. We will study how the Hindu Gods
and Goddesses relate to different parts of our bodies and how we can use their stories and gifts to keep us in

+ CONNECT with other girls by supporting one another as well as respecting and honoring each other’s unique
gifts and voices.

+CREATE a final project, choosing the chakra that you resonate with the most (or need to work on!) and
celebrate it through art, music, dance, asana, any creative endeavor of your choice, anything her heart desires!

This workshop is for those who have completed Level One: Create Your Own Mythology (or enrolled
concurrently), and/or new Goddess Girls ages 12-18.

Tuesdays June 4-July 30 (no class 6/11) 4:30-5:45