Intro to Hiking Safety - Colorado Mountain Club

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Learning how to be safe in the backcountry is a major reason many members join the CMC. The Introduction to Hiking Safety seminar is a one-evening session during which you will learn:

-The many aspects of safety you need to be aware of, including subjects such as lightning, avalanche, animal encounters, getting lost (or staying found) and being stranded over night,
-Tools, methods of preparation, and how to respond to safety challenges,
-An introduction to the extensive program of in-depth, hands-on safety training offered in the CMC Denver Group’s adult education curriculum.

Subjects will include:
-Trip planning
-The 10 essentials: must have gear
-Basic navigation: staying found
-Clothing: including layering, materials, rain gear, sun protection
-Animal encounters: bear, moose, mountain lions, rabies, mosquitoes, tics
-Trail nutrition and hydration
-Trail sense: registers, noting location, reading trail markers
-Obtaining Search And Rescue support
-Mountain weather, including lightning safety
-Avalanche terrain avoidance
-Overview of Denver Group schools with significant safety content

Price: $ 5.00 for CMC members, $10.00 for non-members