Our Town

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By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Len Matheo
**Starring Jim Hunt as The Stage Manager**

A landmark in American drama (for a very good reason), Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Our Town tells the story of a small town - Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire - in order to tell us the story of every town the whole world over. Narrated by the “Stage Manager,” we follow the Gibbs and Webb families, residents of Grover’s Corners, through twelve years of life changes -- from the ordinary in Act I (“Daily Life”), to the romantic in Act II (“Love and Marriage”), to the heartbreaking and heartwarming in Act III (“Death and Eternity”). Through the young lovers Emily and George, their strong and loving parents, and the many other Grover’s Corners’ locals, Wilder delivers universal truths about what it means to be human. “Oh, earth,” Emily Webb exclaims towards the play’s end, “you’re too wonderful for anyone to realize you.” With humor, wit, and exceptionally powerful storytelling, Our Town offers a unique opportunity for audience members to make precisely that realization.

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