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The Golden Glass Orb Hunt is happening again, and we've decided to make it more of a challenge! During the month of October, Visit Golden and Foothills Art Center will place three glass orbs somewhere in the city every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A local artisan, Dottie Boscamp, handcrafted these one-of-a-kind glass orbs for you to find and keep. 

Each orb is marked with a special tag and instructions for entering to win the Grand Prize.

We heard your feedback and this year, we are limiting the hunt to weekends and won't be posting clues when the orbs are hidden.



October 4, 2019 – October 31, 2019

Starting on October 4, 2019, three orbs will be placed somewhere in Golden city limits each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (9 orbs total each weekend). Placement will happen at random times each day. Visit Golden and Foothills Art Center will share updates when the orbs have been found. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@visitgoldenco and @foothillsartcenter) so you can keep up with the latest updates.

We wanted to make it a more challenging hunt, so new this year, there will be no clues given when the orb is hidden. Check the Visit Golden and Foothills Art Center Instagram accounts for updates about when orbs have been found.


  • Orbs can be found anywhere within Golden city limits that is a public area. You can view the map here: You won’t find them on private property, a driving range, in the creek, in the middle of an established trail, or other places that would be unsafe for hunters. All of the orbs are hidden in plain sight, so you won't need to dig or climb to find them.
  • Orbs are free if you find them.
  • One orb per person – if you have already found an orb during the hunt please leave the remainder of the orbs for others to find and enjoy.


  • Follow Visit Golden on Instagram to find out which orbs have been found.
  • Orbs are placed outdoors rain, snow or shine.
  • We will not always know when orbs have been found since it is up to the "finder" to share that they have discovered it, so keep hunting!


If you find an orb, be sure to show it off! Snap a picture of the treasure and where you found it and share it to Instagram with #goldenglassorbhunt. If you don't have Instagram, please email your photo to This will also enter you to win the grand prize package. Or you can bring your orb into Foothills Art Center to enter to win as well. Foothills Art Center is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm, Wednesday: Closed, Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm.


Dottie Boscamp - Fort Collins, CO

“Molten glass is the medium I choose to work with because it is very responsive. Every movement in every second affects the glass. The glass blowing process is like dancing because I am constantly moving and responding to my partner, the glass. I graduated from Illinois State University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in art with an emphasis in glass and photography. I studied under Jack Wax, who taught me glass casting, hot and cold blow molds, and vessel blowing. I own my own glass studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.”