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Runners High

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Runners High, Golden's specialty running store is dedicated to developing better runners and a larger community of runners in the Golden, Arvada, Genesee and Evergreen areas. Runners High achieves this goal through group runs, sponsorship of organized runs, educational seminars and other fun, community events. Runners High is also dedicated to helping you achieve a long and healthy walking, hiking and running career through our expertise in fitting you with the proper shoe, through our experience and with our free gait analysis. They carry ONLY the best brands of running shoes and the finest running apparel and accessories to make each and every one of your runs a success. During COVID-19 restrictions, we currently require face coverings and we are able to accommodate a good number of customers while respecting the 6 foot radius of distancing. We offer both curbside pickup and free delivery as options, if you prefer to stay home or stay outside our store. Stop by today!!

Runners High
Runners High