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Our iconic breweries, big and small, make us one of the best destinations in the country for beer lovers. In Golden, CO, you can see the beer-making process up-close at the famous Coors Brewery, meet local and award-winning brewers, and, most important of all, taste the deliciously hoppy results in a Rocky Mountain setting.

Discover Your Favorite Craft Brew

There’s nothing better than a crisp cold beer after a day spent with loved ones in Golden's great outdoors

Most Golden breweries are family and dog friendly and encourage leisurely afternoons or nights around the bar or on their outdoor patios. Choose from a selection of craft beer (lagers, stouts, ales, porters, and more!) or opt for some of the country’s best gluten-free beer. Some breweries also offer a selection of wine, wine slushies, and ciders and serve food, whether from their on-site kitchen or a guest food truck. Plus, many host fun events, from trivia night to live music performances. There's always something fun happening at our breweries.

Explore the Coors Brewery

A trip to Golden wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to the Coors Brewery situated at the base of scenic South Table Mountain. 

Coors is such an iconic part of the culture here, and its public tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of beer in the United States. There are special exhibits and displays for you to get a clear sense of the history of Coors and how it has helped shape the beer culture we know today. And, of course, you can taste samples of Coors beer, included at the end of the tour. Plus, there’s a gift shop with branded hats, t-shirts, crowler cans, and more.

You must reserve spots on the Coors Brewery tour in advance as they are limited.

Say cheers to a memorable vacation with a locally crafted beer in hand. After all, there’s no better place to celebrate beautiful surroundings, great company, and quality beer than in Golden.

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