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January 2025 

34 Years of Cowboy Heritage, Traditions, and Entertainment - A Contemporary Expression of Cowboy Life and Culture

Downtown Parking And Transportation To And Around Golden.


During the Colorado Cowboy Gathering, cowboy poets, western singers, and old-fashioned yodelers bring to life the joys and hardships of the old West. Audiences can take a break from the fast-paced, high-tech world and relive the life of the true cowboy. First-timers and old hands will be entertained and inspired by the cowboy and cowgirl poets and musicians. Their poems, songs, and witticisms about how life was and still is on farms, ranches, and the range, bridge the past with the present. There will be some familiar faces and some of the best poets and singers we have ever herded into one corral! Please check back often for 2025 updates.

Musician at Colorado Cowboy Gathering

Horseback riding at the Rodeo

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