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Clear Creek runs through the heart of Golden, offering scenic beauty, recreation, and a valuable natural resource. In recent years, many visitors have started visiting Golden to enjoy tubing activities along the Clear Creek Trail. Visitors and residents also enjoy cycling, walking, and kayaking along Clear Creek. Golden strives to provide an enjoyable and safe experience for all. Please practice responsible tourism to protect this amazing resource and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Clear Creek is not a “lazy river” float! It is a naturally flowing creek with objects and hazards which can change without warning. There is an inherent risk to any whitewater sport, including tubing.

If you're looking to rent/purchase water sports equipment, we encourage you to use a local outfitting company listed below.

Green Flag Warning Use Caution

Current Status: Green Flag - Use Caution

  • Green Flag: Moderate Flows – Clear Creek is open to all uses. Safety plans and heightened caution are advised. Exercise extra caution in the water and keep a close eye on children. Determine a meeting place in the event of getting separated from your party.

Round Logo Image with text "Creek Responsibly"

"Creek Responsibly"

Creek users may be asked to put a tag on their tube. Local creek outfitters already have their rental tubes affixed with tags or stickers. These activate sensors stationed at creek entry points and count how many people are tubing on the creek. The City is using this information to better understand visitation patterns as they look for ways to improve the experience of all creek corridor users including pedestrians, cyclists, tubers, and kayakers. Thank you for participating and making the creek experience better for everyone!

Need Help?

Creek Ambassadors – Clear Creek Ambassadors are City of Golden employees who are stationed along the creek each weekend to provide information and direction to creek users. Ambassadors can be found at the Clear Creek Parking Lot, by the beaches, and near the bridges—just look for the stations and uniforms. The Clear Creek Ambassadors have information on how to access the creek, how to get to where you want to go in Golden, and how to make the most of your day in town

Report a Concern

To report any concerns about trail maintenance or park issues, or to give feedback about your experience on the Creek in Golden, please call 303-384-8074 or email To report criminal, or non-emergency issues please contact the Golden Police department at 303-980-7300. For emergencies, dial 911. 


FREE parking is available in the Clear Creek Parking Lot, located at 304 10th St. The Clear Creek Parking Lot is very close to Vanover Park, where tubers and kayakers MUST exit the water. Other parking is available in the parking garages located on Jackson Street, between 11th and 13th Streets.

Parking west of Washington Avenue along 10th St. in Golden and in the neighboring community requires a permit for residents or payment through online or at a payment station. It costs $10 to park for the day. Parking fines in this area are $100 so ensure you are parked legally.

The Golden Community Center Parking Lot is reserved only for Community Center visitors and will be enforced. The parking lot west of the Lions Park ballfields on 10th Street is limited to ADA parking and as a drop-off and pick-up lane for Creek and park users.

If you’d like to park upstream from the City of Golden in Jefferson County, Jefferson County Open Space has a free lot at the Gateway Trailhead west of Highway 6.


Public Shuttles

  •  A tubing shuttle, operated by Adventure West (one of the tubing outfitter companies), is available most weekends. Pick-up is located near the Clear Creek Parking Lot and drop-off is at the Gateway Trailhead. A ticket, valid for two trips on the shuttle, is available for purchase. For more information, visit

  • The “Ore Cart” is a FREE shuttle that runs downtown. While tubes are not allowed, the Gold Route of the “Ore Cart” shuttle service is a great option for shopping and dining in downtown Golden after a day of fun on Clear Creek. 

Water Sport Guides & Outfitters 

Golden River Sports Golden River Sports

Golden River Sports

  • 806 Washington Avenue
  • (303) 215-9386

Golden River Sports is a locally owned and operated shop that offers fly fishing, kayaking, SUP, tubing, and ripping gear and rentals. Located in historic downtown Golden, it is near the Clear Creek Whitewater "Playpark" Course and the "Golden Mile" fishing habitat. We are…

Adventure West River Tube & E Bike Rentals Adventure West River Tube & E Bike Rentals

Adventure West River Tube & E Bike Rentals

  • 423 10th Street
  • (720) 722-1645

Rent a commercial grade river tube with life jacket for all-day whitewater tubing on the Clear Creek. Cool off on a hot summer day! Check out whitewater tubing in Golden on Clear Creek for an exciting ride through rapids. Golden opens for adults only who are decent swimmers and…

Golden Goods Golden Goods

Golden Goods

  • 1201 & 1205 Washington Avenue
  • (303) 216-2123

Golden Goods, Inc. is a well-stocked toy and candy store for all ages. Our inventory covers not only the hottest toys on the market but also candy, snacks, and souvenirs. We also carry Golden and Colorado-themed products. We also carry River Run Tubes (single & double) for tubing…

Golden Fly Shop Golden Fly Shop

Golden Fly Shop

  • 710 Golden Ridge Road #126
  • (303) 330-1292

Golden Fly is a premiere fly shop with the biggest names in fly fishing! They carry top name brands like Patagonia, Fishpond, G. Loomis, Hatch, Yeti, and many more. They offer local guided trips as well as hosted trips around the world. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook for…

Nyce Kayaks Nyce Kayaks

Nyce Kayaks

  • 1926 Sage Drive
  • (303) 505-4442

INQUIRE ABOUT OUR FREE LOCAL KAYAK DEMO PROGRAM OR MULTI-DAY RENTALS! From the beginning, our mission has been to challenge the cookie-cutter inflatable kayak (IK) offered by leading brands in the rafting industry. IKs on the market simply feel like an accessory for raft owners…

What to Wear

  • Swimsuit or wetsuit depending on the water temperature
  • Water shoes or sandals with sturdy soles for protection against rocks
  • Quick-drying clothing (e.g., moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, or pants)
  • Sunscreen with high SPF
  • Sun-protective hat and sunglasses
  • Waterproof and adjustable life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Helmet for certain river activities such as whitewater rafting, kayaking or tubing
  • Waterproof and secure dry bag to keep personal items dry
  • Neoprene gloves for additional hand protection
  • Layered clothing for cooler weather or early mornings
  • Lightweight rain jacket or waterproof outerwear in case of rain or splashes

Remember to always check the specific requirements and recommendations for the river sports you're planning to engage in and adjust your attire accordingly. Safety should be a top priority, so it's essential to wear appropriate gear for the specific activity and conditions.