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Dog-Friendly Golden

Welcome to Golden, Colorado, where wagging tails and happy barks are a familiar sight on every street corner. Nestled against the foothills, Golden has earned its reputation as a dog-friendly paradise. With an abundance of pet-friendly parks, open spaces, and dog-friendly businesses, Golden offers a plethora of opportunities for four-legged adventurers and their human companions to explore together. Whether you're looking to hike the scenic trails, enjoy a leisurely stroll downtown, or savor a meal at one of the many dog-welcoming eateries, Golden is the perfect destination for a tail-wagging good time.

Discover why this town has become a beloved destination for dogs and dog lovers alike as we delve into the pawsome world of Golden's dog-friendly offerings.

Dog-Friendly Patios

City and County Dog Rules

Dogs are welcome in all of the Jeffco Open Space parks and most of the City of Golden's parks and trails, however they must be leashed and under control at all times.

We ask that you immediately pick up dog waste, pack it out of the park and dispose of it in a trash can. Dog waste left on the ground pollutes groundwater and poses health risks to human and pets alike.

Thank you for assisting us in keeping Golden gorgeous!

Best Trails for Dogs

Chimney Gulch Trail

  • 1277 Lookout Mountain Road

Chimney Gulch Trail is in the Jefferson County trail system and is connected to the Windy Saddle…

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Golden

Ulysses Sports Complex

  • 1205 Ulysses Street
  • (303) 384-8000

Located on a mesa that overlooks much of Golden and the Platte Valley, this regional sports complex offers many amenities for the Golden community. In addition…

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Shopping & Dog Supplies

You’ll find that many of the shops, galleries, and boutiques that line Washington Ave. have an array of water bowls and treats out for four-legged friends, many of whom are welcome to accompany you while you shop. If you need pet supplies on your outing, be sure to check out the stores below.

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