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Planning Tips & Ideas

Plan a dream wedding in picturesque Golden, Colorado! Nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains, Golden offers a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. We have gathered tips, ideas and expert advice to help you navigate each step of your wedding planning journey. From enchanting venues to local vendors who specialize in creating unforgettable experiences, we are here to inspire and assist you in curating a memorable celebration. 

  1. weddingEmbrace the Scenic Beauty: Take advantage of the breathtaking scenery that Golden has to offer. Whether you choose an outdoor venue with panoramic mountain views or a charming historic site, make sure to incorporate the natural beauty of the area into your wedding theme and decor. From rustic mountain chic to elegant and romantic, let the surroundings inspire your selections.

  2. Consider the Weather: Colorado's weather can be unpredictable, so it's essential to plan for various conditions. Golden experiences mild summers with occasional afternoon storms and colder winters, so if you're having an outdoor wedding, consider having a backup plan or renting tents or outdoor heaters to ensure your guests' comfort. Keep an eye on the weather forecast as your wedding day approaches and make any necessary adjustments accordingly.

  3. Choose the Perfect Venue: Golden offers a diverse range of wedding venues to suit different styles and budgets. Whether you prefer a picturesque mountain mansion, a historic barn, or a contemporary event space, you'll find plenty Foothills Art Center Wedding Receptionof options in and around the area. Visit the venues in person and ask about any specific services they offer, such as catering or on-site accommodations.

  4. Local Vendors: Utilize the expertise of local vendors who are familiar with the Golden area. From photographers and florists to caterers and wedding planners, working with professionals who know the ins and outs of the region can make a significant difference in your wedding experience. They can provide valuable insights into the best spots for photos, local cuisine, and any permits or regulations you need to be aware of.

  5. Incorporate Colorado and Golden Flair: Infuse your wedding with touches of Colorado charm. Consider incorporating elements such as wildflowers, aspen leaves, or local craft beers into your floral arrangements, decor, or cocktail hour. Share the spirit of the state with your guests through personalized welcome bags featuring locally made snacks or souvenirs.

  6. Plan Outdoor Activities: Golden offers a plethora of outdoor activities for you anHike Peaks to Plains Traild your guests to enjoy. Plan a pre-wedding hike, a group bike ride, or even a white-water rafting trip up Clear Creek Canyon to make the most of the stunning natural surroundings. Inform your guests about these activities in advance so they can come prepared and fully enjoy the unique experiences that Golden has to offer.

  7. Capture the Moments: Golden's scenic landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. Hire a professional photographer who understands how to make the most of the surroundings and capture the magic of your special day. Consider scheduling a pre-wedding photo shoot at iconic locations like Lookout Mountain or Clear Creek for some truly unforgettable images.

  8. Local Attractions: Golden is known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene. Encourage your guests to explore the area by providing them with a list of local attractions and activities. From the Colorado Railroad Museum to the famous Coors Brewery, there's something for everyone to enjoy during their stay in Golden.

  9. Plan for Altitude: Remember that Golden is located at a high altitude, which can affect some individuals, especially those coming from lower elevations. Provide your guests with information on how to acclimate to the altitude, stay hydrated, and take it easy if needed. Consider including altitude sickness remedies in your welcome bags.

  10. Enjoy the Journey: Above all, remember that planning a wedding should be a joyous experience. Embrace the unique beauty and charm of Golden, and savor every moment leading up to your special day.