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Historic Neighborhoods Of Golden

Golden was the original territorial capital of Colorado and a hub of activity in the late 1800’s. Gold seekers started arriving in 1858, and Golden City was founded in 1859. It became a supply hub for miners who panned for gold in Clear Creek. With all the activity, visitors began to plant roots and create neighborhoods. Golden has eight historic neighborhoods for visitors to explore. The self-guided Golden History Walking Tour is an enjoyable way to see these neighborhoods and learn about their history along the way. 

Downtown is the historic heart of Golden. The downtown features Victorian to Modern brick storefronts of various styles lining Washington Avenue. 1204 - 1210 Washington Ave. (pictured here) as called "Golden's first triple storefront".

The Twelfth Street Historic District includes intact homes representative of the type of homes built by Colorado’s pioneer entrepreneurs. The Twelfth Street Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has the city’s best-preserved historic homes.

The district is centered around the 9th Street neighborhood, a middle-class, blue-collar industrial neighborhood that began in 1859. It once included the Golden Pressed & Fire Brick Works, Rock Flour Mills, and Golden Paper Mills, the only paper mill west of Missouri for many years.

The East Street neighborhood was known as South Ford Street. Homes of prominent merchants mixed with middle-class dwellers made up its north side while historic farmhouses, neighborhood business buildings, and many of Golden’s earliest postwar subdivision homes are located further south.

CSM was the first Colorado public institution of higher learning and was established to serve the local mining industry. In 1873, the school opened the first building in the school’s present location. The campus features beautifully renovated historical architecture as well as award-winning new…

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