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Historic Downtown Golden

Historic downtown Golden is at the heart of the City located along the banks of Clear Creek between the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the West and two ancient mesas to the East. Historic downtown Golden dates back to the early 1850’s when the first settlers came looking for gold. It was a bustling center of commerce for those making the trek into the hills near Central City and Blackhawk. Today, not much has changed.

Historic downtown Golden continues to be a center of activity with shops, restaurants, craft breweries, outdoor recreation and community events. It is home to the “Welcome to Golden” Arch – one of the most photographed items in Colorado. It includes the historic 12th Street Neighborhood and over 50…

There are three parks in downtown Golden – Parfet Park, Lion’s Park and the award-winning Clear Creek Whitewater Park. You'll also find four museums in historic downtown Golden - the Golden History Museum & Park, Mines Museum, Foothills Art Center and the American Mountaineering Museum. Visitors can…

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