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Ice Climbing

When you're driving along picturesque Clear Creek Canyon in the winter you'll see some fascinating frozen flows of water, and people climbing them. No matter your experience level, the Golden area is a great place to climb. According to Golden Mountain Guides, the ice in Clear Creek Canyon normally forms up near the end of December and stays climbable until late February/early March.

 Golden has knowledgeable guides to assist beginners and experienced ice climbers alike. Ice climbing is inherently dangerous.  Conditions are ever changing and it is your responsibility to assess hazards, back up anchors, etc. With that being said, try these places!

Guides and Gear in Golden

Mountain Side Gear Rental

  • 15985 South Golden Road Unit A
  • (303) 955-2290

Golden is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains and what better way is there to see the…

Colorado Mountain Club

  • 710 10th Street
  • (303) 279-3080

The Colorado Mountain Club is the state’s leading organization dedicated to outdoor…