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Mount Galbraith Park in Golden

Finding your way up the steep rocky trails of Mount Galbraith is always worth the effort. The views of North and South Table Mountain along with the Denver skyline will take your breath away. It's the perfect hike to do with family and friends or to catch a Colorado sunrise.

Mount Galbraith Park is a hiker-only destination, with nearly five miles of trails. The Mt. Galbraith Loop circles 1.6 miles around the top of the 7,260-foot peak.

Trail Details

The park offers several hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty. Some of the notable trails include:

Cedar Gulch Trail: This is one of the main trails in the park and offers a moderate hike through scenic landscapes. It's a loop trail that can be combined with other trails for a longer hike.

Nightbird Gulch Trail: This trail is a bit more challenging, featuring steeper sections and a rocky terrain. It's a great option for those looking for a more strenuous hike.

Mount Galbraith Loop Trail: This loop trail takes you to the summit of Mount Galbraith, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area. It's a moderately difficult trail with elevation gain.

Cedar Gulch to Mount Galbraith Loop: This longer loop combines parts of the Cedar Gulch and Mount Galbraith trails, providing a more extensive hiking experience.

Nightbird Gulch Trail

Nightbird Gulch Trail is in the Jefferson County trail system, providing access to Mount Galbraith Park. This moderate to advanced trail accesses the Front Range Foothills and is rough, with many rock steps and ledges. It is hiker only.

Mount Galbraith Trailhead

  • 21992 Golden Gate Canyon Road

Mount Galbraith Park is a hiker-only destination, with nearly five miles of steep, rocky trails that reward with commanding views of Golden, the plains and the Continental Divide. The Mt. Galbraith Loop Spot for parking…

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