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Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

The journey upward is part of the adventure of exploring Lookout Mountain, which overlooks Golden. Once you reach the top, the incredible vistas and a historic treasure make the journey even more worth it.

Golden’s Tallest Peak

As the tallest of our Golden, CO, parks, Lookout Mountain stands more than 7,300 feet above Golden, just west of downtown. Known for its beautiful natural splendor and breathtaking views, a hike or drive up to its peak will be worth every moment. Once you reach the top, you’ll find clear views of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Denver in the distance, and the sweeping landscape in between. 

The area’s first known inhabitants, the native Ute Indian Tribe, used this mountaintop as a lookout point. Its sheer height over the surrounding terrain still gives this name credence today. Throughout the history of Golden, Lookout Mountain has played a vital role in local recreation, transportation, water supply, and telecommunications over the years. 

Mountain Adventures

If you’re looking for things to do in Golden, Colorado, especially if you’re interested in outdoor activities, you won’t want to miss Lookout Mountain. The mountain is steep and can be an intense climb — perfect for those looking to get their heart rate up and ultimately bask in unparalleled vistas at the top. You can hike or bike your way to the top.

There is also a road leading to the peak for those who want to travel by car. The drive is scenic, and there are plenty of jaw-dropping views to take in as you make your way to the peak.

The history of this mountain is vast and long, just like the views it has to offer those who venture up to its peak.

Built in 1913, the Lariat Loop road ascends from Golden up the steep east side of Lookout Mountain. (Well actually up the side of Mount Zion. Many people confuse Mount Zion and Lookout Mountain.) The Lariat trail built by “Cement Bill” Williams is a 4.6-mile switchback of 56 curves including seven…

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave attraction resides atop Lookout Mountain. It’s home to Buffalo Bill Cody’s gravesite and artifacts that showcase the life and times of Buffalo Bill before and at the turn of the 20th century and the fascinating history of the Old West.

Lookout Mountain is famous for road cycling. It was featured in several of the US Pro Challenge races. Mountain bikers and hikers also enjoy the area. Hike the Chimney Gulch trail, a challenging, narrow “single track” hiking trail that crisscrosses the Lariat Loop road twice before the summit.

Lookout Mountain Nature Center staff and volunteer naturalists inspire kids and adults to connect with the natural world. Interactive exhibits take visitors on a tour of the flora and fauna of the foothills ecosystem. Kids enjoy a hands-on play room and observation room. The Nature Center offers…

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