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Taverns and Bars in Golden, Colorado

Just like everything in Golden, our nightlife scene is a self-made adventure.

Sip wine or a craft whiskey cocktail while you tap your feet to live bluegrass music or enjoy happy hour or trivia night at a trendy bar in a local food hall. Soak up the mountain-town vibes while at an outdoor picnic table in a brewery or on a stool at any one of our downtown taverns. 

Wherever you choose to say cheers to a day well spent in Golden, we've got you covered.

Late Nights & Live Music

The same sense of adventure in the air during the day continues well into the night in Golden. 

Start your evening with a farm-to-table or ethnic dish at a Golden, CO, restaurant before continuing the fun with a night out dancing to live music or even creating music of your own with some late-night karaoke. 

Bring the whole group together for some laughs and games at any one of the bars and taverns in historic downtown Golden that keep the party going until 10 p.m., midnight, or later.

Breweries & Distilleries

Golden’s breweries and distilleries offer a great casual atmosphere during the day and into the evening. 

Taste award-winning beers and dine on unique food truck fare on an outdoor patio, or sip and learn about locally crafted spirits at one of our distilleries.

Cocktails & Wine

Golden may be one of the best beer destinations in the world, home to Coors and countless locally-owned breweries, but our nightlife venues also serve some seriously delicious wine and cocktails. With intimate, cozy wine bars and fun and trendy cocktail bars in downtown Golden, a relaxed and sophisticated night out is closer than you think. 

Stop in at a speakeasy in Golden for some old-school vibes, including live music and intricately crafted cocktails. And so many of the restaurants in Golden have a variety of delicious wines, cocktails, and drinks to accompany those long, drawn-out dinners with friends. 

Here in Golden, you really can’t go wrong with whichever nightlife adventure you choose.


When exploring Golden, you will find there are a variety of hidden gems, offering different atmospheres, specialty drinks, and specials for thirsty visitors. 


Our iconic breweries, big and small, make us one of the best destinations in the country for beer lovers. In Golden, CO, you can see the beer-making process up-close at the famous Coors Brewery, meet local and award-winning brewers, and…