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Winter Activities in Golden

Embrace the enchanting winter charm of Golden, with our curated list of activities that promise to make your winter getaway truly memorable. From thrilling outdoor adventures in the snow to cozy indoor experiences, Golden offers a diverse array of activities for every winter enthusiast. 

Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing

Enjoy Golden's beautiful trails all year long! Most of Golden's trails can be accessed in the winter. We just ask that if they are muddy, plan to hike or walk a paved path instead to protect the quality of our dirt trails. Try Snowshoeing in Golden Gate Canyon State Park for something unique and slightly more challenging.

Brewery & Distillery Tours

Warm up indoors by indulging in a brewery or distillery tour, sampling the finest craft beers and spirits Golden has to offer. 

Scenic Drive along Lariat Loop National Historic Byway

Take a scenic drive along the Lariat Loop for breathtaking winter views of the Rocky Mountains, Golden and Red Rocks Park. Sometimes, if you go early enough, you will catch an inversion and enjoy views of Golden from above the clouds. 

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing

For a unique indoor experience, try rock climbing at The Spot or Movement gyms in Golden, suitable for climbers of all skill levels. If you're a more experienced climber and can brave the colder temps, try ice climbing in Clear Creek Canyon and if you'd like to learn to ice climb check out Golden Mountain Guides

Take in the Arts

Enjoy live theater at Miners Alley Performing Arts Center or look through a new exhibit at Foothills Art Center in the newly renovated Astor House. Golden's art scene has elevated like never before so be sure to check it out!

Dine at Cozy Restaurants

Experience the warmth of Golden's culinary scene by dining at local restaurants, offering anything from ramen to spicy curries to comfort food, along with delightful winter ambiance. 

Attend Winter Events

Check out winter festivals and events that take place in Golden throughout the winter and holiday season. 

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