It’s suddenly tree-lighting, house-decorating, parade-having time of year, and the metro area has no shortage of ways to celebrate the holidays.

Walk-through lighting displays are, of course, one of the lowest-effort activities with the highest return on wonder and kid friendliness — provided you don’t mind the prices. They’re not up too much this year from last — just $2 on average, according to a Denver Post survey — although many nonprofits and commercial installations are still trying to make up for vastly lower attendance the last couple years, so it’s understandable.

Most events are, as you’ll quickly notice, limited in hours, timed and ticketed, and optional in their masking policies. Some do not offer on-site ticket sales, and the biggest ones are likely to sell out in the coming weeks (some, such as Blossoms of Light and Zoo Lights, are being snatched up predictably fast).

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