Snow didn't stop hundreds of golden retriever dogs from making their annual pilgrimage to their namesake city!

A group of canines and their owners trekked to downtown Golden, Colorado, on Saturday amid heavy snowfall to meet fellow furry friends and the people who love them at the city's annual Goldens in Golden event, according to local news outlet News 9.

The event — held on National Golden Retriever Day — has been popular for years, but Colorado citizens (and everyone else who comes out to celebrate) have never had to experience the event in such inclement weather.

“It’s the best day, and I don’t even care about the weather, it’s so great. I feel my heart exploding. They’re so cute, every one of them is so cute," attendee Katie Ford — who brought her 6-year-old golden retriever, Rilo, to Golden from Iowa — told News 9.

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