First Baptist Church of Golden

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At the First Baptist Church of Golden, the members believe that all people have fallen short of perfection and need somebody to save them and bring them back into a living relationship with God. Jesus Christ came here two thousand years ago as that savior, and through Him we can experience freedom from our imperfection and self-destructive behavior ("sins") as well as the guilt and power of those sins. We can simply talk to God ("pray") and ask Him to forgive our sins and ask for Him to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of our lives. OUR LIFE Because of our new relationship with God through Jesus, we experience life in a new, vibrant way. We can find true joy now in both the good times of life and the bad, knowing that God has our best in mind. OUR MISSION We exist as a community of Christ-followers who want to tell others about the good news that we have encountered. LET'S CHAT! We truly hope some of these resources help you along your spiritual journey, but more than anything we would love to just sit down and get to know you. We're here to know your story and hear your questions. Let's grab some coffee some time!