Intern Shares about Favorite Golden Restaurants

Golden has a lot of great restaurants right downtown or just outside of town. From pizza to Indian food, there are many varieties of places to eat. Deciding my favorite restaurant was hard to do and I don’t think I have only one. My first choice is Los Marcelos for breakfast or lunch. It’s located off of Washington Ave if you’re going north towards highway 93. It’s family owned as well so it has to be good! The best dish to order on the menu, in my opinion, is the breakfast burrito. No matter what time of the day it is, I’m always in the mood for one of their burritos and it’s super cheap. It comes with potatoes, cheese and your choice of meat. It’s also smothered in cheese and green chili. If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to eat in the morning, Los Marcelos is definitely the place to go.

Another restaurant I enjoy eating at is Sherpa House. The food is Himalayan cuisine and it is located right off of Washington Avenue by the Foothills Art Center. There is some amazing food there and it’s very authentic. My favorite dish to get there is the chicken curry. You can also chose from yak and lamb curry as well. The curries use a traditional type of sauce and is spiced with roasted garlic, onions, ginger and cumin plus served with rice. It’s worth going there especially around dinner time.

By Ariana Dittmer, City of Golden Community Marketing Intern