Golden’s Perfect Pairings – Week 5


Located just south of Golden on State Highway 93, Matthews/Winters, a Jefferson County open space park, has nine miles of trails. A particularly beautiful stretch is the 2.8 mile Red Rocks Trail, which climbs up some mild switchbacks, offering spectacular views of towering red rock formations as you approach Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Another, more strenuous hike is the Dakota Ridge Trail, which climbs up and down along the twisting Dakota Hogback, an unusual geologic formation. The first dinosaur bones ever discovered were found along this hogback. Nearby on Dinosaur Ridge, you can see million-year-old dinosaur bones and dinosaur tracks, still visible in the rocks.

Beer Stop: Located across the street from Coors, the Barrels & Bottles Brewery is the newest in Golden, and one of the most unique. There are 24 craft beers on tap (a half dozen of their own and great guest beers from across the country) and 24 tap wines. If you’re not familiar with tap wines, it’s a growing trend and the freshest way to enjoy wine right from the barrel, including wines produced right here in Colorado. Barrels & Bottles has one of only four beer infusion machines in the nation (one of only two in Colorado). These science fiction looking machines add tasty flavors like coffee or chocolate to beer, after it’s been brewed. A local’s tip: Stop by and say hi to the owner’s two dogs, Pixie and Oba.