Colorado is known worldwide for skiing, but you don’t need skis for these Golden winter adventures. Grab a friend, dress warmly and get up your heart rate while you enjoy the gorgeous winter scenery during one of these cold weather activities. Bonus: No lift ticket required!

Snow Shoeing – Some people mistakenly imagine an arctic trek across frozen tundra. Denver Climbing Co.But snow shoeing needn’t be so extreme. How about a pleasant stroll along the snowy landscape of Golden Gate Canyon State Park? If you pick a packed and level trail, you can enjoy an easy afternoon – or – challenge yourself with fresh snow and more elevation. 

Winter Rock Climbing – Winter can be a great time to rock climb – it’s all about the sun exposure. There are many south facing cliffs that offer dry and sunny spots to climb and are popular year-round, including Golden Cliffs at North Table Mountain. Online climbing resource, Mountain Project, also offers an excellent overview of routes in beautiful Clear Creek Canyon.

Hiking – Most hiking trails around Golden can be enjoyed year round if you use the right gear. Traction devices, like slip on ice cleats or grips, and poles can help most fit hikers navigate most any terrain. Even if it’s a sunny, warm day, bring along your traction devices as many trails have icy, shady spots that can be slippery without proper gear.

Winter Mountain BikerSnow Biking – Yes, it’s a thing! Mountain bikers claim “snow is no obstacle for the determined.” Check it out for yourself with ideas on gear and trails here.

Fly Fishing – If you visit Golden often, you know that hard core anglers can be spotted in Clear Creek no matter the weather. The “Golden Mile” is popular anytime! Talk to the experts at Golden River Sports or Golden Fly Shop for advice on the right gear and local tips for your cold weather fishing outing.

Sledding – For classic family fun, bring your sled to Golden Heights Park or Heritage Dells Park, both popular spots with locals. The hill near the Golden Community Center is also popular with kids.

Golden is a great place for winter recreation. Afterwards, be sure to head to town to enjoy a hearty meal or warm drink at one of Golden’s many restaurants, craft breweries and taverns. Grab take-out or sit on a sunny patio and don’t forget a growler of your favorite ale!