This week's guest blog post is from Marrygrams -- a boutique card and gift store in downtown Golden. Just because we've been asked to stay home doesn't mean we can't find fun ways to pass the time, and Marrygrams shares some great ideas for how to do just that in the post below. 


It's been a wild time for just about everyone on the planet. And while this week has had plenty of terrifying and anxiety producing moments, it has had a lot of sweet, lovely ones too. So before we dive into some of our favorite ways to pass the time while we're socially isolating, we do want to thank everyone who has placed an order already. You are, quite literally, helping us survive and it does not go unnoticed. 

But we're not out of the woods yet! Please keep sharing our posts and sending your loved ones cards and treating yourself to a little something too. We need your support now more than ever. <3 

And we want to support you! Enjoy our guide below of activities and ideas to pass the time while we are all at home, helping our fellow humans and planet recover. And keep in touch with us on Instagram where we will still be posting new products, inspiration, sales, self care tips and more. Take care of each other! 

Stuck at Home with the Marrygrams Boutique 

Host a Socially Distant Recipe Swap

If there was ever a time to get creative and try some new recipes in the kitchen, it's now. But don't click that Pinterest folder just yet! Instead consider ordering a few packs of these adorable recipe cards and splitting them up between your favorite home chefs! You'll keep each other sane and well fed. Win - win!

How to Pull it Off: Have each friend send you 1 or 2 of their tried and true favorites and make handwritten copies for everyone! Pop the cards in the mail and send each other pictures, videos and reviews of your first attempts. You just might find a new weekly staple.

recipe card swap inspiration

Reconnect with Your Inner Self

An empty journal can be daunting - especially during times of crisis when your head may be too jumbled to think of your own prompts. But what if we went ahead and gave them to you instead? These guided journals for self-reflection and exploration are a great way to get to know yourself on a deeper level. The prompts range in both depth and style and keep you interested, engaged and curious. Snag one while you can! We sell out of these fast. 

Pro Tip: Accountability helps! I myself have been doing one prompt a week from the "Start Where You Are" journal with a friend since the new year. We have a weekly chat where we discuss the prompt, read our responses and hold space for each other to process the topic. 

meera lee patel start where you are journal

Treat Yo'Self to a Bath fit for a Royal

This isn't your grandma's bubble bath. A bath fit for a royal doesn't mean just toss in a bath bomb and call it good. It means toss in a bath bomb AND fizzy salt soaks AND light some candles AND do an eye and lip mask AND use exfoliating sugar cubes AND snack on some gourmet caramels while you're at it.

A bath fit for the QUEEN you are. (Pro Tip: Lock the door. You deserve this.)

dream bath

Learn a New Game (or remember an old favorite!)

When was the last time you broke out a fresh pack of playing cards? (We take ours camping!) Chances are it's been awhile! Start a gin rummy tournament or challenge each family member to teach the rest of you a new game every evening. Get the cutest pack here! 

playing cards

Cleanse Your Space

There's going to a be a lot of anxious energy cooped up in our homes with us during this time of distance. So carve out sacred time to take care of your sanctuary and clear the air. I like to end our weekly house cleaning with a palo santo smoke cleanse to set new intentions for the week ahead and invite inspiration and calm to make itself comfortable in our home.

Our cleansing bundles will keep you well stocked until this is all over. 

palo santo smoke cleansing 

Write a Letter (or a few!)

Our favorite thing on the list! For obvious reasons, snail mail is still our go-to suggestion for quarantine activities. Because it's literally *good* for you. Human connection is essential, and if we can't get it in person we have to find other ways to show up for each other.

Handwritten letters (they don't even have to be long!) add an extra layer of intention and love to your check ins. Stock up, browse the virtual card wall and grab a pack of the best pens ever while you're at it. Stay safe, stay home, and SHOP ONLINE! :)

send more letters


Your ongoing support of Golden businesses like Marrygrams helps keep them in business during times of crisis. They don't need huge orders, but the daily orders from locals of cards and stickers are what keeps them going. You can place online orders here:

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