The best way to build up an appetite in Golden is to stop by the Golden Bike Library, check out a FREE bike rental, and then pedal to the restaurant of your choice.  Since the Golden Bike Library also provides a bike lock and helmet, you’ll be all set to stop and savor the tastes of Golden!

Here are a few fun suggestions…

  • Bike up the hill on Washington Ave. to the Sherpa House for their wonderful splashing fountain, outdoor deck and exotic buffet. 
  • Stop at D’Deli, pick up some of the best sandwiches on the Front Range and have a picnic along Clear Creek. 
  • Pedal up to Ali Baba for their tasty gyro sandwiches and fries in a setting straight out of Arabian Ali BabaNights. 
  • Grab a mountain bike, cruise around North Table Mountain and take the cutoff to New Terrain Brewery and see what food truck is there.
  • Bike over to Sassafras and pick up some beignets to go.  You can stash your beignets in the handy basket conveniently offered on every Golden bike.
  • How about Taco Tuesday at one of Golden’s newest restaurants, Xicamti La Tqqueria Bistro? Point your bike towards  58th and Washington for fantastic Mexican fare.
  • Bike to Bob’s Atomic Burgers and indulge with one of their famous burgers with all the fixins’.
  • Check out the Cheese Ranch and browse the artisanal cheeses and deli specialties. Pick up the perfect picnic spread and pedal to a creek side spot.
  • Pizza and pedaling go together! Bike-friendly at Woody’s Pizza is a Golden classic and a great place to enjoy pizza and a pint.

There are so many spots in Golden to enjoy delicious dining. And what a great way to get there! Check out a bike and pedal towards a Golden restaurant today!family biking